On Monday March 2nd, County Council will hold a special session to discuss the proposed Bypass Road (Los Alamos Community Building at Ashley Pond, 7pm).

A Walk-Through of the Bypass area will be held on Sunday,February 22nd, 2pm at the Research Park.

Please help by coming to the March 2nd meeting and expressing your opinion and emailing/calling Councilors and let them know you are against the Redundant Bypass. [Email Addresses are found at the end of this blog.]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



  1. But if it's paid for by the federal govt., then at least two of the councilors sound like they'd still be for it. I'm sure they'll all change their minds, saying well since we don't have to pay for it....

  2. It's still our taxpayer dollars and shouldn't be spent on something we don't need. I agree it will be difficult not to just plow on if it's all Obama "shovel ready" money.