On Monday March 2nd, County Council will hold a special session to discuss the proposed Bypass Road (Los Alamos Community Building at Ashley Pond, 7pm).

A Walk-Through of the Bypass area will be held on Sunday,February 22nd, 2pm at the Research Park.

Please help by coming to the March 2nd meeting and expressing your opinion and emailing/calling Councilors and let them know you are against the Redundant Bypass. [Email Addresses are found at the end of this blog.]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Each and Every Candidate

Not One, Not Two, Not Three, Not Four, but all five Candidates for Council, in the recent run up to election, indicated a lack of support for the Bypass road project. Three of those Candidates are now on Council.

Rather then me regurgitate their excellent points, it is best if you hear directly from the Candidates themselves. This short clip is taken from the League of Women Voters Candidates Forum held October 1st 2008, used with permission. (Approx. 6 minutes.)

Quotes from Candidates (in case you don't/can't view the video):

Sharon Stover, "I think we got taken by DOE on that project." "When you look at the cost of the project and the impact, that would be a project that, if the bottom fell out, if we had to re-look at projects, that would be one that my eye would be looking towards."

Mike Wismer, "The environmental impact, the fill alone that's going to be necessary to build the double bypass is simply not worth it. It's not worth the damage to the environment and we don't need it."

Ken Milder
, "We could probably spend that money on other economic development projects and get more bang for our buck."

Vincent Chiravalle, "I don't feel this project best serves the people of Los Alamos County." "There are already two roads that can provide us access to the ski hill..."

Manny Baca's opposition to the Bypass was express in the Petition. (Not show in Clip).

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