On Monday March 2nd, County Council will hold a special session to discuss the proposed Bypass Road (Los Alamos Community Building at Ashley Pond, 7pm).

A Walk-Through of the Bypass area will be held on Sunday,February 22nd, 2pm at the Research Park.

Please help by coming to the March 2nd meeting and expressing your opinion and emailing/calling Councilors and let them know you are against the Redundant Bypass. [Email Addresses are found at the end of this blog.]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bypass Area

Area without Bypass Road. Click to enlarge.

Area with Bypass Road. Click to enlarge.

These images are looking South West from the town site across Los Alamos Canyon Bridge to the Research Park and beyond. The big research park building has the blue roof.

The proposed Bypass Road is added in gray in the second image. The Red line indicates where the huge retaining wall will be built to contain the road on the slope of the side canyon that it will be build on. The Yellow line is where the pedestrian tunnel/overpass will be located. These are all approximate locations working from County drawings. The Radiation symbols indicate the location of potential release sites (PRS) that have been identified that could be an issue because of road drainage. The Lab intends to clean them up, as I understand it.

The Lab is planning to build a new Science Center between West Jemez and the Ski Hill Bypass, near where the small push pin is located. This new complex will include both classified and unclassified space for one-quarter to one-third of the Laboratory’s science and engineering workforce.

The following two slides are available on the County's website under the Bypass Project topic and where used as part of a presentation to Council.

Two and Three Tier Road Structure. Click to enlarge.

A one quarter of a mile long "Dam" like structure will be built to hold the Bypass Road on the slope of the side canyon to Los Alamos Canyon. The structure will be approximately Forty Feet tall in some areas.

The proposed Bypass is being built on the slope in order to maximize the flat buildable area that is available for the Research Park, which has plans to construct more buildings on it's leased land.

Click to enlarge.

A tremendous amount of fill will be used to create this "Dam" like structure for the Road Bed. I'm told that there isn't enough fill in the County to create this "Dam" and that tons and tons of fill will need to be trucked in from sources outside of the County.

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